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New York Top 100 Things To Do
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Top 70 Things to do in New York and Useful Links

What to do in New York?

66 (105) Flushing Meadow / Corona Park

Many years ago Corona Park used to be rubbish tip that glowed red at night. Please dispose of your refuge thoughtfully, New Yorkers are quite happy with Corona's new status.

Flushing Meadow / Corona Park


67 Rockefeller Center

What to do at the Rockefeller? You could go on a Radio City Tour or an NBC Studio Tour. You could get your skates on at Rink at the Rockefeller and climb to the Top of The Rockefeller (minus the skates) and see what you can see.

Rockefeller Center


68 Paramount Building

Admire the stubby obelisks atop each of the eight levels or ‘steps’ of the Paramount Building. Look up at the glass sphere at the top of the building and take your time over the huge clock.

Paramount Building


69 Museum of Television and Radio (Paley Center)

The Paley Center consists of screening rooms, two full-sized theaters and over 120,000 bits of television and radio to watch and listen to. You only get an hour so you may need to come back. The TV goes back to the black and white days and the radio dates back even further when it was just black :-)

You can not buy, beg or borrow but you might be able to view the future programs of tomorrow as the center does sponsor pilot shows.

Museum of Television and Radio


70 Friday Night Blues

The two-tiered, horseshoe-shaped Show Room has a fabulous 30-foot stage creating the right environment to enjoy some great music. B.B King Blues Club & Grill also has two 8-foot big video screens on either side of the stage so you can pretend to be at the movies if you don’t like live music :-)

You will find B.B King Blues Club & Grill is in Times Square near Penn Station and Port Authority.

Friday Night Blue

Top 75 Things To Do In New York

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