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51 (62) St Bartholomew's Church (St Bart's)

With it pink tinged brick, gold domed and Romanesque terraced entrance St Bart's' is much loved by the locals and not only for its popular concerts. St Bart's brings a touch of color to Park Avenue and brightens the lives of its visitors.

You can tour the ‘spectacular sacred space’ that is St. Bartholomew’s after the 11a.m. service every Sunday at around 12:15 p.m.

St Bartholomew's Church (St Bart's)


52 (63) General Electric Building

General Electric Building is a delight to behold with its chrome and marble lobby and a sparky radio waves top. The lighten bolt radio wave crown is light up at night like a giant torch. The glazed tan brick General Electric Building has rose-colored granite on its base if you manage to take your eyes off of the roof.

Built close to St Bart's the General Electric Building was designed to both blend and contrast with the Church. You can get a view of both impressive buildings from corner of Park and 50th.

General Electric Building


53 (20) Museum of Sex

An age old question - do you think it's sexy?

Museum of Sex


54 (24) Brooklyn Botanic Garden and The Brooklyn Museum of Art

The 52 acre Brooklyn Botanic Garden includes a number of different gardens types, three ‘climate-themed plant pavilions’, an aquatic house and even an art gallery.

Enjoying the patronage of 100’s of thousands of visitors each year the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) still provides relaxing break. You should find that the greenhouse is free on Tuesdays and even for a couple of hours on Saturday mornings.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is "Where plants come to life" so don't go alone :)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden


55 Belvedere Castle

As well as a chance to observe the nature of the Henry Luce Nature Observatory at Belevedere Castle there is also a chance you might observe a hawk, kestrel and/or an osprey and few bird watchers.

Observe Belvedere Castle

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